July 2013

Cozy Summer Dessert: White Peach And Rosewater “Gelato”, A Dissipating, Sweet Delicacy

White Peach and Rosewater Ice Cream

There are those rare occasions of fleeting, lazy bliss in the summer when I'll find myself sitting on the bottom step of my side-entrance landing with a bowl of fresh fruit or something else refreshingly cold that lingers momentarily on my tongue, just staring off enjoying the breeze trip around stirring up all of the scents of summer. And sometimes in those moments I'll find myself a captive audience to a brilliantly colorful butterfly as it flutters around on that breeze, floating this way and then ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Mini Orchard Cherry Galettes, The Perfect Rustic Summer Beauties

Orchard Cherry Galette

I take genuine pleasure in the beauty of something sweetly rustic. A simple dough enveloping vibrant, red, juicy and fresh summer orchard cherries — like little gems set in a gorgeous and edible ring — is unpretentiously and perfectly appealing to me. Not everything always has to be fancy or overly decorated; sometimes, it's best to allow the natural charisma of something to radiate, and its own simple flavor to speak for itself, using its own chosen words. We hold a canvas, and God, through nature, ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: White Chocolate “Platinum Blondie” Bars, And Basking In Sweet Anticipation

Raspeberry "Platinum" Blondies

I'm currently in the midst of experiencing a little taste of what it may feel like to be an “empty nester” down the road in the not-to-distant future. With my “bird” — my son — off to encampment for Civil Air Patrol for the next week; it's only my hubs and I and our little dog-daughter, Lola, holding down the fort here, so to speak. Things are quiet when a child is not around; a little too quiet. Now, there's no hungry belly in the middle ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Coconut-Lime “Island Breeze” Icebox Pie, A Hot, Midsummer Day’s Dream

Coconut-Lime "Island Breeze" Pie

As temperatures have already begun to rise to sweltering degrees here in southern California, cool, quenching refreshment is what my parched soul longs for. Fantasies of islands that jut up from teal-blue waters with white, velvety sands, where breezes blow through palm fronds and whip through long, strapless sun-dresses, dance fluidly into my mind and wash my creativity in a soft shade of lime green. And in these daydreams of mine, these moments of desire to be swept away into the hazy, powder-y softness that is ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Strawberry “Cloud” Cake, A Spiritual Experience Of The Sweet Kind

Strawberry Cloud Cake

I can't tell you how many times I've had a “spiritual experience” sitting at my dining room table enjoying a quiet, solitary bite to eat of something either savory or sweet. There are times that food can be so utterly delicious in the most simple way, so gloriously beautiful in all of its flavors and colors, that I genuinely can't help but utter a little prayer of gratitude out loud: “Thank you Father for this food that You provide; thank you for allowing me to taste ... {more please!}

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