Butternut Squash Soup; and the Vibrant Flavor of Good, Honest Conversation

Butternut Squash Soup | thecozyapron.com

The vibrant color and flavor of a velvety Butternut Squash Soup is heavenly on the tongue and nourishing to the soul the way that deep, honest conversation, one full of vulnerability and honesty, is delicious, nourishing, and sustaining for our human relationships. Some of the best, most connective and enriching moments in my life have been those that are replete with vulnerably deep and from-the-heart honest conversation with another human being. I have found that there is nothing that quite compares to that unique and divine ... {more please!}

Buttery Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls, Gloriously Tender and Exquisitely Yielding

Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls | thecozyapron.com

A tender, loving and yielding heart provides pleasure and sustenance to those in our lives in the way that soft, warm, pillowy, tender and yielding buttery sweet potato dinner rolls warmly entice our appetite, and provide nourishment and fulfillment to the very core of us. The richly-golden autumn holidays are that uniquely splendid time of year when I feel my longings, my creativity, my emotions, and my empathy begin to open up deep within me the way an amazingly willing flower opens up to the beckoning ... {more please!}

The Best Basic Mashed Potatoes, When Getting Back to Basics Is Best

The Best Basic Mashed Potatoes | thecozyapron.com

Even though all the little extras added into a recipe sure can make it unique and tasty, there are times when getting back to basics and keeping things a little more unadulterated and simple, like these Best Basic Mashed Potatoes, is the most delicious and comforting way to go. Anyone who has frequented The Cozy Apron over the years probably knows by now that what I like to do is put a little spin or “twist” of my very own on just about every recipe that ... {more please!}

Roasted Chicken with Autumn Vegetables, the Perfect Nourishment for a Reflective Season

Roasted Chicken | thecozyapron.com

The classic and deliciously earthy flavor of a simple Roasted Chicken with Autumn Vegetables pairs perfectly with this quiet, reflective season that encourages us to take the time to do some soul searching. Autumn is the season which I await with bated breath. For me, it is like no other time during the year, because it is full of fiery colors, spicy scents, warming concoctions, and an almost welcome brooding quality as we enter a time of dormancy which is ideal for quiet reflection and listening ... {more please!}

Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese, and Cozying up with a Bowl of Childhood Bliss

Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese | thecozyapron.com

For many of us, easy to prepare, tasty little meals out of a can or box are at least a small part of our childhood memories; they were first attempts at “cooking”, in a way! And with this Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese, we can enjoy the coziness of childhood comfort food, only in a slightly more sophisticated and from-scratch way. Nothing felt more safe and comforting to me when I was a kid than unlocking the front door of our house and stepping into that cozy ... {more please!}

Eggplant Parmesan Stacks, and the Deliciousness of a Golden Moment

Eggplant Parmesan Stacks | thecozyapron.com

There is nothing quite like the exquisite flavor of a moment of solitude and peace, that golden moment when one reflects on life and refreshes their spirit; and when coupled with freshly prepared Eggplant Parmesan Stacks, it becomes a nourishing and comforting moment for the soul and the body. I'm glad to say that it is not very often at all that my husband must travel for work; but occasionally, his job requires him to be a part of a special project that takes him out ... {more please!}

Steak and Mushroom Grilled Cheese, the Gooey and the Crisp Together in One Bite

Steak and Mushroom Grilled Cheese | thecozyapron.com

The melted, soft center and toasted-brown exterior of a delicious Steak and Mushroom Grilled Cheese has all of the best qualities in a single bite; just as being both tender-hearted and open, yet discriminating, can be a good combination for a healthy and balanced life. One of my favorite things is to discover the soft center of something that has a crisp outer layer of protection that needs some breaking through. It's like biting into a warm, freshly-prepared grilled cheese sandwich, with its cheesy, gooey interior ... {more please!}

Mexican Lasagna, a Little Something Zesty to Usher in the Fall With

Mexican Lasagna | thecozyapron.com

The coolness of the fall is the perfect time to bring in a little flavor of those warming spices we all love so much, and this Mexican Lasagna is a delicious little twist on the classic with lots of bold flavor perfect for the fall season. Ah...the fall... It's that uniquely spice-scented time of year that I look forward to the most, the time of year that urges us to begin to pull out the cozy sweaters, and set our minds and appetites on those glorious ... {more please!}

French Onion Skillet Chicken, Smothered in All Kinds of Good Stuff

French Onion Skillet Chicken | thecozyapron.com

Just like glistening French Onion Skillet Chicken all nestled beneath sweet, caramelized onions and melted gruyere cheese, being covered and gently coated in those things of a loving nature in life can be wonderfully comforting. When I was a kid, there was nothing more comforting than being covered up, all snuggly-like, in a thick, heavy blanket, nestled in a bed or on the couch with fluffy pillows surrounding me. Getting lost in the soft weight of what I was wrapped in was so very cozy, and ... {more please!}

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