A Cozy Holiday: And Momma’s In The Kitchen Baking Cherry-Almond Winter Cake For Christmas

Cherry Almond Cake

As the Eve of Christmas descends upon us, And the snowflakes trip and flutter on the gusts of wind outside, We ask daddy if he would build us a fire in the hearth To keep us comfy and toasty inside. The kitchen stove is a steam engine, Piping hot with all burners aglow; Dinner's simmering, sputtering and bubbling away, The aromas dance, mingle and flow. Momma tells us to set the table, With special plates, special ware; And daddy says to light the candles, Whose flames ... {more please!}

A Fork In The Road (and in a pear pie)

Rustic Pear Pie

[vimeo][/vimeo] Have you ever found yourself at a place where the road unexpectedly splinters off into a couple of different directions and it’s up to you to decide which road to take? Most likely, you have. So have I. I peer down both roads just as far as I can see, scratching my head, trying to choose the one that will bring me to the best possible destination, all while having the most scenic and comfortable drive along the way. Now, let me just say that ... {more please!}

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