Cauliflower “Couscous” Salad, and All Of Those Tasty Little Flecks Of Flavor In Life

Cauliflower Couscous Salad |

A light, crisp and fresh salad can do a world of good for a hungry soul. It nourishes with the crunch of raw, vibrant vegetables, and offers little pops of flavor and texture through the various delicious little extra bits of nuts, legumes, fragrant herbs, and tangy dressings. The wonderful surprises found through spooning up bite after bite of a bowl of nature's goodness is a lot like the surprises one finds when taking bites out of life itself. Each day, like a precious bite, offers ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Mini Orchard Cherry Galettes, The Perfect Rustic Summer Beauties

Orchard Cherry Galette

I take genuine pleasure in the beauty of something sweetly rustic. A simple dough enveloping vibrant, red, juicy and fresh summer orchard cherries — like little gems set in a gorgeous and edible ring — is unpretentiously and perfectly appealing to me. Not everything always has to be fancy or overly decorated; sometimes, it's best to allow the natural charisma of something to radiate, and its own simple flavor to speak for itself, using its own chosen words. We hold a canvas, and God, through nature, ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: Crispy, Pan-Fried Fish, A Taste Of The Christmas Eve Tradition Of My Ancestors

Crispy Pan-Fried Fish

When I was a little girl, I would absolutely revel in the stories that my parents would tell me about their childhood growing up in Czechoslovakia; especially the ones that centered on how they celebrated Christmas time. These stories were so comforting to me as my parents would each recount special memories with a playful smile; there was always some air of mischief involved in these stories, some recollection of either themselves, a sibling or a cousin getting their hide tanned for some shenanigan or another. ... {more please!}

Under Our Blanket

Under Our Blanket Thumbnail

[vimeo][/vimeo] There are golden glimmers in time, those deliciously elusive sparkles, when my husband and I can escape for a couple of hours. These are indeed precious moments, especially when so much time is devoted to work and to our family as a whole, with our only boy so quickly growing up, becoming a young man himself. Nothing entices our souls more than the idea of tucking away in the corner of a quaint, dimly lit café-style eatery that we’ve stumbled upon in some small alleyway, ... {more please!}

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