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Mediterranean Power Rice, and the Power in Knowing to Whom You Belong

Mediterranean Power Rice |

Good, healthy food like Mediterranean Power Rice fuels our physical body and gives it the energy and the necessary sustenance it needs to be at its best; but our inner spiritual life also needs to be empowered, and we gain that precious strength through understanding that we belong to a spectacular Creator. Do you ever wonder Who it was that dreamt up beautiful, special, unique, and perfect you? Have you ever considered the possibility that every detail of who you are—what you've been endowed with, how ... {more please!}

A Cozy Resolution: Oh, To Be Like The Roasted & Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Food can be so very beautiful, and so very unique in its qualities. If we look closely enough and long enough, we can see a world of personality in food, a personality that yearns to communicate volumes in its own special way, if only we'll listen; if only we'll have the ears to hear. Food sustains and comforts us, provides sensual pleasure for us and gives us an opportunity to actually examine for ourselves how life begins and sprouts; how it grows and evolves over time. ... {more please!}

Sweet, Crispy Orange Beef And Welcoming Life’s Gentle Abrasion

Crispy Orange Beef

Let me tell you, I live for the “a-ha” moment. A moment when a light bulb comes on, and suddenly, some bit of truth that I had never seen before, is illuminated; a moment when I see something in a new way, perhaps even in a contrary way to how I’ve been seeing it, and find the value and potential for joyful change and betterment through that new way. I love when a shift in paradigm takes place and I know full well that I can ... {more please!}

Cozy Cameo: Asian-Style Brown Rice Salad, A Salad For Modern Times

Asian-Style Brown Rice Salad with Chicken

Salads come in so many different varieties these days. All you have to do is browse the cold, prepared food section of your local health food store to see the gorgeously textured and rich offerings provided there. No longer are salads thought of solely as leafy greens topped with some dressing and the token cherry tomato and cucumber slice; these days, they are becoming more sophisticated, and what is being considered a “salad” continues to evolve. Modern salads are hearty and packed with textures and flavors. ... {more please!}

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