butternut squash

Hot Roasted Butternut Squash & Spinach Dip, A Warming Comfort On A Cool Fall Evening

Butternut Squash and Spinach Dip | thecozyapron.com

Evenings in the fall are quite a magical time of the day for me. They remind me of what it must feel like to enter into a fairy realm, where the golden-purple light twinkles ever so softly, and the slight haze creates an almost dream-like blur of anything in the distance. Fall evenings are my favorite time to go for a walk in one of my husband's and my favorite near-by neighborhoods, the kind of neighborhood where the people get into the spirit of the season ... {more please!}

A Cozy Thanksgiving: Sweet & Savory Harvest Salad, A Tangy Taste Of Green In A Sea Of Richness

Sweet & Savory Autumn Harvest Salad

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away now, I'm already beginning to feel my mouth starting to water at the thought of all of the delicious and rich food that will be shared among family members. And since there are a lot of members to my husband's side of the family, which we share this special holiday of gratitude with, an email list gets sent out way in advance of the actual day so that each of us can “sign up” for what food item ... {more please!}

Autumn Lasagna, Familiar Yet Different

Autumn Lasagna | thecozyapron.com

Do you ever find yourself in a place where even though the people and the things around you and the activities that you’re doing day to day are completely familiar, life just somehow feels a little different? That when you think about it, you really can’t point to any obvious reason to feel more vulnerable or self-aware than usual, but still, you do? Do you ever feel like you’re seeing things differently than before, or perhaps digesting situations and reacting to them in a new way? ... {more please!}

Rustic Bread Pizzas, And Thirty Minutes In The Fairy Realm

Rustic Bread Pizza

Whenever there is a fleeting moment that I can spare, I enjoy spending it at one of my favorite botanical gardens near my home. On the weekdays, in the late morning hours, while the dew still clings to the petals of the roses and to the blades of shaded grass, and the squirrels still boldly rummage for any morsel of food they can find along the paths, there is peace and tranquility there at the garden; a pause from the never-ending hum of the city of ... {more please!}

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