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Hot Roasted Butternut Squash & Spinach Dip, A Warming Comfort On A Cool Fall Evening

Butternut Squash and Spinach Dip |

Evenings in the fall are quite a magical time of the day for me. They remind me of what it must feel like to enter into a fairy realm, where the golden-purple light twinkles ever so softly, and the slight haze creates an almost dream-like blur of anything in the distance. Fall evenings are my favorite time to go for a walk in one of my husband's and my favorite near-by neighborhoods, the kind of neighborhood where the people get into the spirit of the season ... {more please!}

Oktoberfest Potato Skins, and Finding Good Reasons to Celebrate a Little

Oktoberfest Potato Skins |

As we get into late September and then into October—into the autumn—I feel myself come alive a little more. I feel my colors become a bit more vibrant in the autumn, and my enthusiasm for simple festivities increase. Perhaps it's the promise of cooler weather, and of the holiday season just around the corner; of a fresh, crisp breeze that, in the evenings, brings a slight chill, and that gets my excitement going. Or perhaps it's the simple fact that the sun sets earlier, and earlier ... {more please!}

Cheesy Southwestern Four Potato & Veggie Casserole, A Colorful And Flavorful Mosaic To Feast On

Southwestern Casserole

The world that we live in is an amazing place. It's full of colorful and shapely “bits and pieces” that make up the totality of our existence, just like the pieces of a puzzle make up a complete picture. All one needs to do is look out the window to bare witness to it. Whether one peers out and sees something natural such as the flowers in all of their brilliance, gloriously adorned in their colors and the various velvety robes that give them their individual ... {more please!}

St. Patrick’s Favorite Guinness Beef Stew, The Perfect Excuse To Add A Bit Of Merriment & Lightness

St. Patrick's Guinness Beef Stew

This time of year tends to feel a little like we're “trapped” in between seasons. Spring seems within arm's reach yet is just beyond the touch of our extended, wiggling fingertips; and winter, while on its slow saunter out the door, still feels the need to throw its weight around by landing one or two more hard-core punches to the gut in the form of frigid storms and icy cold temperatures that make one want to retreat like a mouse into a cozy hole in the ... {more please!}

A Cozy Autumn Breakfast: Autumn Sweet Potato Hash, A Vibrantly Comforting Morning Companion

Sweet Potato Hash

The fall is replete with colors that amaze and awaken the bleary eyes. Shocks of brightness coupled with pops of savory flavor enliven the soul on a late morning when the appetite is making itself known and “inspired” food is exactly what it craves. Now, blazing orange sweet potatoes are an amazing part of this perfect fall bounty, as well as are the fragrant spices and savory nuances that can be mingled and married to create the perfect breakfast that is reflective of this spectacular time ... {more please!}

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