Cozy Summer Dessert: Strawberry “Cloud” Cake, A Spiritual Experience Of The Sweet Kind

Strawberry Cloud Cake

I can't tell you how many times I've had a “spiritual experience” sitting at my dining room table enjoying a quiet, solitary bite to eat of something either savory or sweet. There are times that food can be so utterly delicious in the most simple way, so gloriously beautiful in all of its flavors and colors, that I genuinely can't help but utter a little prayer of gratitude out loud: “Thank you Father for this food that You provide; thank you for allowing me to taste ... {more please!}

A Cozy New Year’s Eve: Boozy “Party In A Glass” Parfaits, And Some Wishes For 2013

Party In A Glass Parfait

Well everyone, I'm kinda thinking that this particular recipe pretty much speaks for itself; it's soon time to celebrate a new year—to celebrate LIFE! Now's as good a time as any to celebrate what we've been given this past year, and all of the potential that the year ahead holds for each of us; the potential for change, for growth, for renewal, for new opportunity and for fresh perspective. It's time to celebrate the love found in life—the friendships, our family—even dare I say, the challenges ... {more please!}

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