Bourbon-Glazed Salmon, and The Sweet & Spirited Exterior that Holds Within a Tender Interior

Bourbon-Glazed Salmon |

There's very little for me that is more inspiring than being in the presence of a human being who whole-heartedly loves life, and chooses to see the brighter side of things in this often-tumultuous experience we call “existence”. The kindness, the joy, the love, and the gratitude that such a person exudes is utterly contagious, and tends to bring out the best in those that have the pleasure and the privilege of being in their presence. And I thank God for these beautiful people, and admire ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Mini Orchard Cherry Galettes, The Perfect Rustic Summer Beauties

Orchard Cherry Galette

I take genuine pleasure in the beauty of something sweetly rustic. A simple dough enveloping vibrant, red, juicy and fresh summer orchard cherries — like little gems set in a gorgeous and edible ring — is unpretentiously and perfectly appealing to me. Not everything always has to be fancy or overly decorated; sometimes, it's best to allow the natural charisma of something to radiate, and its own simple flavor to speak for itself, using its own chosen words. We hold a canvas, and God, through nature, ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: And Momma’s In The Kitchen Baking Cherry-Almond Winter Cake For Christmas

Cherry Almond Cake

As the Eve of Christmas descends upon us, And the snowflakes trip and flutter on the gusts of wind outside, We ask daddy if he would build us a fire in the hearth To keep us comfy and toasty inside. The kitchen stove is a steam engine, Piping hot with all burners aglow; Dinner's simmering, sputtering and bubbling away, The aromas dance, mingle and flow. Momma tells us to set the table, With special plates, special ware; And daddy says to light the candles, Whose flames ... {more please!}

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