Cashew Chicken Curry, and the Cleansing Effect of a Spring Rain

Cashew Chicken Curry |

A rainy day is one of my favorite kind of days; it refreshes us and creates in us a desire to comfort ourselves, and to curl up with a warm and fragrant bowl of cashew chicken curry. As if right on wonderful, perfect queue, the precious raindrops just began to fall from the sky as I sat down to write. Ah, how I love the sound of the rain. It often begins with just those few initial, intermittent drops that fall, creating a sound on the ... {more please!}

Spicy Guacamole Chicken Burger, and a Heart’s Desire for Something Even Greater

Spicy Guacamole Chicken Burger |

The bold flavors of a spicy guacamole chicken burger can provide the palette with much needed flavor and zest to keep things interesting and fresh; and so it is with our heart, which reminds us of the deeper desires within us, and urges to keep moving, and to keep looking for that greater, richer experience. Lately, my heart has been craving more. It's been aching with a desire for a long time now, truth be told, to experience levels beyond what it's been experiencing, and to ... {more please!}

Faux Risotto with Chicken and Vegetables, and Retreating into the Quiet below the Surface

Faux Risotto |

Below that golden-brown top layer of a Faux Risotto you'll find all those morsels necessary for delicious comfort and nourishment, just as below our own surface we sometimes find that stillness that helps us regroup and experience some peace and reflection. There are days when observations and experiences long to tumble out of my inner being-ness with such gusto and enthusiasm that I can barely contain them. It's like they're looking to be shared and taken in by others, like they're looking for new homes—new vessels—to ... {more please!}

French Onion Skillet Chicken, Smothered in All Kinds of Good Stuff

French Onion Skillet Chicken |

Just like glistening French Onion Skillet Chicken all nestled beneath sweet, caramelized onions and melted gruyere cheese, being covered and gently coated in those things of a loving nature in life can be wonderfully comforting. When I was a kid, there was nothing more comforting than being covered up, all snuggly-like, in a thick, heavy blanket, nestled in a bed or on the couch with fluffy pillows surrounding me. Getting lost in the soft weight of what I was wrapped in was so very cozy, and ... {more please!}

Smokey Chicken Flatbread, and the Pleasant Surprise of Getting Something Extra

Smokey Chicken Flatbread |

A smokey chicken flatbread is not only utterly delicious for the tastebuds, but it's utterly good for the body, as well; it's like getting a little something extra, something “above and beyond” what you expected, which is truly a welcomed thing these days. These days, it seems quite rare for us to get more than we bargain for, in a good way. So much of the time, it seems that things seldom get done right the first time, or we get less than what we thought ... {more please!}

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