Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls, and the Soft Twinkle of the Season

Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls |

These soft and twinkling weeks between the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas are by far my favorite in the grand scheme of a year. In these weeks, we seem to relax a little and allow a bit more childlike merriment and light into our daily lives as we anticipate the holidays, and all of the fragrance, crispness and coziness that they so beautifully offer us to enjoy. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but I've been noticing my own feelings towards this particular little block of ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: Rum-Spiked Eggnog Creme Brulee, A Sweet Ending For A Fairytale-like Evening

Eggnog Creme Brulee

Each year as the Christmas holiday approaches, I feel a slight anxiety begin to rise in me, but not for all the reasons that you might think. I don't get anxious because I'm concerned that we won't get the “right” gifts for people; I don't feel anxious because we'll spend too much money during the season. No, my anxiety is one that centers around an affair of the heart, of the spirit, one that has everything to do with the concern that my family and I ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: “Scarborough Fair” Chicken, And The Four Herbs At The Heart Of This Season

Roasted Chicken

The glitz and glimmer of the Christmas holiday can easily mesmerize and even distract. Sparkling lights are strung up around our towns, and beautiful trees with decorative and delicate ornaments go up in many of our homes. We become bedazzled by the images being flashed before our eyes in bright holiday commercials and on the billboards all around us, of coziness, of comfort and of warmth; of people laughing, living carefree, spending like there's no tomorrow, and wanting for nothing. Outside, the nippy cold descends upon ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: And Momma’s In The Kitchen Baking Cherry-Almond Winter Cake For Christmas

Cherry Almond Cake

As the Eve of Christmas descends upon us, And the snowflakes trip and flutter on the gusts of wind outside, We ask daddy if he would build us a fire in the hearth To keep us comfy and toasty inside. The kitchen stove is a steam engine, Piping hot with all burners aglow; Dinner's simmering, sputtering and bubbling away, The aromas dance, mingle and flow. Momma tells us to set the table, With special plates, special ware; And daddy says to light the candles, Whose flames ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: Herb-Crusted Prime Rib, and Savoring the Flavor of a Holiday Splurge

Prime Rib

There is very little more appealing to partake in, very little more sumptuous a thing to put on the tongue, than a delectable morsel that is only eaten on a special occasion—at least in my mind. Somehow, that morsel just seems to hold within it the wonderful flavor of desire, that fragrant essence of anticipation, because it's been very consciously and specifically chosen and prepared for an occasion meant to hold some gravity, and meant to be memorable and unique. See, that's the marvelous thing about ... {more please!}

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