A Cozy Holiday: “Scarborough Fair” Chicken, And The Four Herbs At The Heart Of This Season

Roasted Chicken

The glitz and glimmer of the Christmas holiday can easily mesmerize and even distract. Sparkling lights are strung up around our towns, and beautiful trees with decorative and delicate ornaments go up in many of our homes. We become bedazzled by the images being flashed before our eyes in bright holiday commercials and on the billboards all around us, of coziness, of comfort and of warmth; of people laughing, living carefree, spending like there's no tomorrow, and wanting for nothing. Outside, the nippy cold descends upon ... {more please!}

A Cozy Thanksgiving: Spiked Cranberry Compote with Bartlett Pear, and Milk ‘n Honey Biscuits

Cranberry Compote

Cranberries are no doubt that wonderful splash of red, the gorgeous little shimmering rubies of the fall and early winter season. Sharply tart and sweet, cranberries bring an amazingly colorful and bright presence to any well-spread holiday table—mine, being no exception. But perhaps I’m a bit unique in my adoration of cranberries; I genuinely love the little gems. And I don’t use the word “love” lightly here. From the time they first come available in late October, all the way through the time they take their ... {more please!}

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