Hawaiian roll

A Cozy Sandwich: Pork Carnitas Sliders, Oh How You Slide Down Ever-So-Easily

Carnitas Sliders

I have a wonderful memory of going to an authentic and cozy Mexican restaurant with my hubby many years ago and tasting carnitas for the first time. He was already a lover of them, but at the time, they were new to me. We asked the server to bring us as many of the different “house” sauces that the kitchen had (the spicier the better) so that we could gently dab each melting bite of the succulent pork in a different spicy-tangy, mini-bath of popping flavor; ... {more please!}

Cozy Chicken: Hawaiian-BBQ “Pulled” Chicken Sandwiches, Tasting The Unexpected Sweetness

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Sandwich

What a marvelous thing the flavor of unexpected sweetness is; how it lingers ever-so beautifully on the tongue, like a memory that will not soon be forgotten. It is the kind of sweetness that comes after an initial bite of spicy smokiness, after an initial taste of something slightly sour or savory. Unexpected sweetness is a gift, a sort of precious mercy; a mercy that is found when least expected, where bitterness, for all intents and purposes, should be found in its place. I cannot resist ... {more please!}

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