Pasta Primavera Lasagna, and Nourishing Your Soul with All That Is Good and True

Pasta Primavera Lasagna |

To gaze upon the vast array of magnificent colors and shapes that our whole foods contain is to gaze upon our Creator's art work. The vibrant green of a crisp spring zucchini; the bright pop of yellow and the curved “neck” of a squash; the emerald boldness and perfectly round and firm shape of petite peas; and the the savory-yet-sweet tanginess of tomatoes that so perfectly make up an exquisite and nourishing sauce. Healthy foods have the benefit of beauty and flavor on their side. They ... {more please!}

Creamy Chicken Florentine Lasagna, And Learning To Find The Joy In The Process

Chicken Florentine Lasagna |

A comforting, nourishing and delectable recipe that is worth preparing and sharing is often one that has at least a small handful of steps that need to be followed, or a couple of components that need to be prepared before everyone can gleefully dig in and finally enjoy the finished edible masterpiece. And when one knows about and prepares themselves for the bit of elbow grease that will be needed during the cooking process, one can then more joyfully enter into the whole experience of making ... {more please!}

A Cozy Pasta: Lasagna “Wrap Ups”, Perfectly Well-Wrapped Little Packages Of Deliciousness

Lasagna Wrap-Up

I really admire a beautifully and elegantly wrapped package. Perhaps it's because I, myself, am absolutely abysmal at wrapping, and couldn't wrap my way around a paper box to save my life. Things start out well enough, but as the wrapping progresses—yikes! Crooked creases here, little tears there, tape plastered everywhere to hold it all together...argh! Oh…OK, it's not THAT bad. I have gotten better over the years. Now I try to just take my time, making the creases as even as possible, carefully folding the ... {more please!}

A Cozy Thanksgiving: Autumn Lasagna, Familiar Yet Different

Autumn Lasagna

Do you ever find yourself in a place where even though the people and the things around you and the activities that you’re doing day to day are completely familiar, life just somehow feels a little different? That when you think about it, you really can’t point to any obvious reason to feel more vulnerable or self-aware than usual, but still, you do? Do you ever feel like you’re seeing things differently than before, or perhaps digesting situations and reacting to them in a new way? ... {more please!}

The Layers of Six-Cheese Lasagna Like The Layers Of Life

Six-Cheese Lasagna with Basil Cream Sauce

Part of the pleasure for me of tucking into a lovely, hearty, saucy lasagna is the surprise of what I’ll find inside. The hot layers hold within them all sorts of delicious little morsels that entice me bite after bite—the al dente noodles, the savory, robust sauce, the little bits of vegetables and meats, the fresh herbs and the bubbly, melted cheeses—playfully keeping me guessing what my next delightful bite will contain. Each layer is there to be filled and built upon, to be a support ... {more please!}

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