A Cozy Sandwich: Pork Carnitas Sliders, Oh How You Slide Down Ever-So-Easily

Carnitas Sliders

I have a wonderful memory of going to an authentic and cozy Mexican restaurant with my hubby many years ago and tasting carnitas for the first time. He was already a lover of them, but at the time, they were new to me. We asked the server to bring us as many of the different “house” sauces that the kitchen had (the spicier the better) so that we could gently dab each melting bite of the succulent pork in a different spicy-tangy, mini-bath of popping flavor; ... {more please!}

A Cozy Stew: Spicy, Tequila-Lime Pork Stew, A Spirited South-of-the-Border Meal

Spicy Pork Stew

Sometimes, I really crave a meal that just simply makes me “happy”; you know what I mean? It's nothing complicated—I just want to have a good time eating it, and feel better for doing so. It's the type of meal that when I take a nice, big spoonful of it and chew deliberately and thoughtfully, it leaves me feeling more invigorated, warmed and awake than before I took that succulent bite. I love to have my taste buds come alive on my tongue, to have layers ... {more please!}

Orecchiette With Eggplant And Pork Ragu, The Little Ears That Comfort

Orecchiette Pasta With Caramelized Eggplant and Spicy Pork Ragu

It started out as several sneezes in a row, coupled with some mild shoulder and upper arm muscle aches, and a slight wash of weakness and tiredness. Though I dismissed it as perhaps not having enough sleep, or just my body’s way of trying to adjust to the weather not being able to make its mind up in regards to the wild swings in temperatures here in southern California, I secretly knew better and a mild dread loomed over me. Sure enough, my confirmation came several ... {more please!}

Grilled Pork Chops and Summer Peach Chutney, Peachy Keen

Pork Chops with Peach Chutney

The warmth of summer has been gently coaxing me out into the fresh air, into the golden rays of the sun. My pallor has slowly gone from winter’s ivory-pale to a subtle, peach flush as I sit for short periods of time on the concrete walkway, heating my bones. It just feels so good. I find myself with an appetite for things fresh off of a vine, and for that taste of a caramelized, seared crust on a piece of grilled meat. Summer’s a time for ... {more please!}

Sweet ‘N Spicy Garlic Pork For Those Sweet ‘N Spicy Days

Sweet ‘N Spicy Garlic Pork For Those Sweet ‘N Spicy Days Thumbnail

Ah, life! You’ve gotta love it, don’t you? It’s surely never boring, all full of wonderful twists and turns, ups and downs. And it seems that when things are going along smoothly and perhaps too easily, a little thing called “balance” likes to stir things up a bit and trouble the waters, so to speak. When life gets a tad too comfortable or predictable, that’s when either someone or something will come along on queue to shake things up and take me out of my comfy ... {more please!}

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