Pumpkin Patch Spice Bread, and Adding a Touch of Sweetness to a Day

Pumpkin Patch Spice Bread | thecozyapron.com

I very much adore the unexpected sweetness that a simple day can hold within it. Many mornings, it can be a challenge just to wipe the bleariness out of the eyes, to get the spirit uplifted, and to get that little inner motor roaring and ready to function at full capacity, never mind with gusto, style and a little flare. But it sure can make a difference in our day when we mercifully experience those little hints of sweetness, those palette pleasing flavors that are like ... {more please!}

Fall Harvest Pumpkin & Beef Stew, a Bread Bowl’s Best Friend

Fall Harvest Pumpkin and Beef Stew | thecozyapron.com

There are many things in life that make the best of friends. Certain things partner up in such a way making them better together than they ever could've been apart: a cool evening and a blanket; a good movie and some fresh, hot popcorn; a golden-pink hued sunset and a contemplative walk; a heart filled with love and a warm embrace or a kiss. The things that go together give a little extra definition to life, and create warmth and preciousness; they offer color and a ... {more please!}

Pumpkin Cream Sauce Fettuccine, & Keeping Things Together When They Want To Come Apart

Pumpkin Cream Sauce Fettuccine | thecozyapron.com

Ah, the best laid plans... My heart desired nothing more this morning than simplicity: to sit down at my computer, quiet my mind for a moment, and then connect with the writer side of myself and put to paper (or to screen, in this case) my thoughts in order to see what essence or mischievous imp wanted to be unleashed. But alas, things wouldn't go quite as planned, as our water heater decided to fritz out this morning just a little bit, in turn placing my ... {more please!}

A Cozy Thanksgiving: Say Hello To My Little Friend, Spiced Pumpkin Velvet Cake

Pumpkin Velvet Cake

I've been making some very good use of pumpkin lately, and I've enjoyed every sweet minute of it. Several weeks back, my son and I went on a pumpkin pie “bender” and baked about four large pies over the course of a few days, as he had asked me if we could find a way to make our own completely-from-scratch pumpkin pie recipe. His request? No canned pumpkin, no pre-made pie crusts, and no whipped cream out of a spray can. And me being overcome with ... {more please!}

A Cozy Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie Parfaits, a No-Bake Treat

Pumpkin Pie Parfait | thecozyapron.com

You may or may not know this about me: I have a thing for dessert parfaits. Though I thoroughly adore the idea of having homemade, from-scratch baked goodies like cookies, cakes, croustades and rustic pies at my fingertips, we don’t usually have those sweet treats but on special occasions, or when I'm specifically in the mood to bake. Here’s my confession: I lack a baker’s patience. It just seems to take too long when that sweet tooth hits to prep all the ingredients, then bake, and ... {more please!}

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