roasted garlic

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Broiled Cheddar, Like Warm Little Spoonfuls Of Bliss On The Tongue

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Broiled Cheddar |

I adore the winter months, and only wish that here in Southern California we had more of an opportunity to feel the crispness, the coldness, the briskness, and the icy-chill in a black, star-studded evening sky. But alas, we don't. For now, all I have are my memories of the frigid winters of my childhood and teen years in Michigan where I took immense comfort in being bundled up, all snuggly, in coat, hat, and scarf, and I like to keep those close to my heart ... {more please!}

Shepherd’s Pies, and Being Gently Shepherded on this Path Of Life

Shepherd's Pie |

Do you ever get the feeling like you're being guided? I don't ever recall a time in my life when I didn't feel the presence of a power higher than myself, one that I call God, or my Creator, but I do remember periods in my life when I didn't necessarily pay much attention to the spiritual side of things, or have a conscious desire to have a relationship with the One who made me. Frankly, I didn't even know what that meant, or what that ... {more please!}

Pumpkin Cream Sauce Fettuccine, & Keeping Things Together When They Want To Come Apart

Pumpkin Cream Sauce Fettuccine |

Ah, the best laid plans... My heart desired nothing more this morning than simplicity: to sit down at my computer, quiet my mind for a moment, and then connect with the writer side of myself and put to paper (or to screen, in this case) my thoughts in order to see what essence or mischievous imp wanted to be unleashed. But alas, things wouldn't go quite as planned, as our water heater decided to fritz out this morning just a little bit, in turn placing my ... {more please!}

Grilled Summer Veggie Dip, Boldly Going Where No Dip Has Gone Before

Grilled Veggie Dip

My hubby and I are both dip-a-holics. We love cool, creamy dips; hot and cheesy dips; hummus-style dips and everything else in between that we can plunge a little toast-round, cracker, chip or fresh veggie spear into. And with summer's garden bounty here tempting us to think outside the box when it comes to using all that it has to offer us, we're craving bold, smoky flavors inspired by grilling, coupled with eye-popping colors and cool, creamy textures that can be whirled together into some glorious ... {more please!}

Fettucini in Sausage Bolognese, And The Importance Of Being Both A Hungry Guest & A Good Host

Fettucini in Sausage Bolognese

We human beings are walking vessels of constant reception. We receive visuals of the extraordinary world around us with the wonderfully colorful eyes we've been given; we receive the various sounds of the spaces that surround us with the sometimes-funny-looking and shapely ears we have attached to the sides of our heads; we receive fragrantly sweet, fresh, pungent or even repelling scents with our uniquely sculpted noses, and we receive the sensation of the feel of our world through touch, with our skin. And of course, ... {more please!}

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