Oktoberfest Potato Skins, and Finding Good Reasons to Celebrate a Little

Oktoberfest Potato Skins |

As we get into late September and then into October—into the autumn—I feel myself come alive a little more. I feel my colors become a bit more vibrant in the autumn, and my enthusiasm for simple festivities increase. Perhaps it's the promise of cooler weather, and of the holiday season just around the corner; of a fresh, crisp breeze that, in the evenings, brings a slight chill, and that gets my excitement going. Or perhaps it's the simple fact that the sun sets earlier, and earlier ... {more please!}

Cheesy Italian Grilled Zucchini Boats, and Floating Along On The Waters of Life

Cheesy Italian Zucchini Boats |

The waters of life constantly ebb and flow. There are times that we float around in the calm stillness, where barely a ripple can be found as the sun shines down on the surface, sparkling and twinkling a mesmerizing tranquility that almost lulls us into dreaminess; and then there are times when our little boat—our being-ness—finds its way into more turbulent waters, where the waves lap and come up over the edge, a bit too close for comfort, and the clouds move in casting a cool, ... {more please!}

Greek-Style Smoked Sausage Skillet Over Orzo, A Perfect Quick-n-Easy Dinner Challenge

Greek Style Sausage Skillet Over Orzo

When I think about the recipes that I develop, I wouldn't necessarily describe them as complicated per se; but since I'm definitely someone who loves layers of flavor and often include at least a couple of separate components within most of my dishes, I can understand that a little extra “elbow grease” is usually called for. So when I decided to present myself with the little challenge of developing a simple-yet-elegant entree using no more than 5-7 main ingredients, taking no longer than 15 minutes to ... {more please!}

Fettucini in Sausage Bolognese, And The Importance Of Being Both A Hungry Guest & A Good Host

Fettucini in Sausage Bolognese

We human beings are walking vessels of constant reception. We receive visuals of the extraordinary world around us with the wonderfully colorful eyes we've been given; we receive the various sounds of the spaces that surround us with the sometimes-funny-looking and shapely ears we have attached to the sides of our heads; we receive fragrantly sweet, fresh, pungent or even repelling scents with our uniquely sculpted noses, and we receive the sensation of the feel of our world through touch, with our skin. And of course, ... {more please!}

A Cozy Thanksgiving: Gluten-Free Quinoa & Wild Rice Dressing, A Taste Of Healthy Decadence

Gluten-Free Dressing (Stuffing)

Decadent food is so much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday that to try to prepare too “healthy” a spread would most likely result in a frustrated and disappointed table of guests, and who would want that? Not I, for one. So let's just agree right off the bat that with this post, we're not going to be talking about how to “lighten up” this much delighted in and celebrated holiday meal. No, let's just say that we're going to try to find a way to ... {more please!}

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