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Lemony “Sunshine” Cheesecake Bars, and Putting a Little Light Into Our Lives

Lemony "Sunshine" Cheesecake Bars

A lemony dessert just makes me want to smile. It also makes me want to pucker up and then perhaps even use that very pucker to smooch someone, and tell them that I love them. A sweet and tangy lemony treat brings out the kid in me; it brings out my innocent side, my whimsical self that wants to finger paint and draw silly faces and big, bold and brightly yellow-gold suns with long reaching, arm-like rays that mischievously tickle the people below. A lemony summertime ... {more please!}

A Cozy Fall Dessert: Apple Cider Spice Cake, Too Darn Delicious Not To Share

Apple Cider Spice Cake

I really wasn't even planning on doing this recipe as a post. Heck, I wasn't even planning on baking this cake at all until a couple of hours ago, but since it can be difficult for me to predict when a baking mood will hit and when I'll have some ingredients on hand that I'd like to use up rather than toss out, it looks like we find ourselves with a freshly baked fall cake as a little bonus recipe this week. It's a sweet treat ... {more please!}

Cozy BBQ Buddy: “Loaded Baked Potato” Salad, Easy, Breezy & Just A Little Bit Cheesy

Cozy BBQ Buddy: “Loaded Baked Potato” Salad, Easy, Breezy & Just A Little Bit Cheesy Thumbnail

If ever there was a season that could perfectly pair with the simple decadence of a cool, creamy, rich and savory potato salad, then I can't think of a better one than summer with all of the grillin' and chillin' that goes on. And if there isn't a big, beautiful bowl of potato salad placed snuggly amongst the spare ribs, the baked beans, the BBQ'd chicken legs, the slaw and the cornbread on that glorious summertime buffet-table, then something's definitely missing. Because when it's time to ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: And Momma’s In The Kitchen Baking Cherry-Almond Winter Cake For Christmas

Cherry Almond Cake

As the Eve of Christmas descends upon us, And the snowflakes trip and flutter on the gusts of wind outside, We ask daddy if he would build us a fire in the hearth To keep us comfy and toasty inside. The kitchen stove is a steam engine, Piping hot with all burners aglow; Dinner's simmering, sputtering and bubbling away, The aromas dance, mingle and flow. Momma tells us to set the table, With special plates, special ware; And daddy says to light the candles, Whose flames ... {more please!}

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