A Cozy Holiday: Crispy, Pan-Fried Fish, A Taste Of The Christmas Eve Tradition Of My Ancestors

Crispy Pan-Fried Fish

When I was a little girl, I would absolutely revel in the stories that my parents would tell me about their childhood growing up in Czechoslovakia; especially the ones that centered on how they celebrated Christmas time. These stories were so comforting to me as my parents would each recount special memories with a playful smile; there was always some air of mischief involved in these stories, some recollection of either themselves, a sibling or a cousin getting their hide tanned for some shenanigan or another. ... {more please!}

Life and Fish Tacos Deconstructed

Fish Tacos Deconstructed

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/40278343[/vimeo] Life is not unlike a delicious meal; it has many flavorful components to it. And just as with a good meal, I enjoy being able to deconstruct life from time to time to examine each of the tasty, individual components it contains, to see if I can possibly make any creative improvements. In life, the plate contains our self and our family (the protein), our friends and our acquaintances (the starch), our jobs and our work (the veggies), and our free-to-use time (the yummy sauce). ... {more please!}

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