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Christmas Eve Sipping Chocolate, and Luxuriating in the Light of Anticipation

Christmas Eve Sipping Chocolate | thecozyapron.com

There's a reverent hush that seems to fall over Christmas Eve the way a soft blanket gently drapes across a body in need of soothing comfort and warmth. As the twilight of this special evening comes upon us, it creates a space for the glimmering, shimmering lights to sparkle and reveal themselves, and makes way for the twinkling stars in the cold, clear sky to blink and wink at us as if to express their own joy at this precious and wonder-filled time of year. In ... {more please!}

Warm Vanilla-Bourbon Peach Crisp, and Luxuriating in the Sweet Taste of this Season of Life

Warm Vanilla-Bourbon Peach Crisp | thecozyapron.com

Each season in life brings with it its own flavor. Some seasons are sweet; and some seasons are salty, bitter or tangy. But rest assured that each time period of life—each unique and special season—has a flavor all its own, and a taste that is special to it. The season of summer has, for me, always had a fragrantly sweet and fruity flavor to it. It reminds me of the seasons of life that offer up “fruits” that have had the time to ripen and mature, ... {more please!}

“Midnight Kiss” Amaretto Parfaits, plus a Few Hopes and a Prayer

"Midnight Kiss" Amaretto Parfait

I feel like I've only just gotten used to writing “2013” in the blank line next to the word “date” on any given paper requiring one. Where has the year gone? I have a mixed bag of emotions on this, as on one hand, I look at the upcoming year as a completely blank slate, ready and willing to receive me and whatever new growth will accompany; yet on the other hand, if I'm to be honest, I feel like I haven't even begun to scratch ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Coconut-Lime “Island Breeze” Icebox Pie, A Hot, Midsummer Day’s Dream

Coconut-Lime "Island Breeze" Pie

As temperatures have already begun to rise to sweltering degrees here in southern California, cool, quenching refreshment is what my parched soul longs for. Fantasies of islands that jut up from teal-blue waters with white, velvety sands, where breezes blow through palm fronds and whip through long, strapless sun-dresses, dance fluidly into my mind and wash my creativity in a soft shade of lime green. And in these daydreams of mine, these moments of desire to be swept away into the hazy, powder-y softness that is ... {more please!}

Cozy Summer Dessert: Strawberry “Cloud” Cake, A Spiritual Experience Of The Sweet Kind

Strawberry Cloud Cake

I can't tell you how many times I've had a “spiritual experience” sitting at my dining room table enjoying a quiet, solitary bite to eat of something either savory or sweet. There are times that food can be so utterly delicious in the most simple way, so gloriously beautiful in all of its flavors and colors, that I genuinely can't help but utter a little prayer of gratitude out loud: “Thank you Father for this food that You provide; thank you for allowing me to taste ... {more please!}

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