white chocolate

Cozy Summer Dessert: White Chocolate “Platinum Blondie” Bars, And Basking In Sweet Anticipation

Raspeberry "Platinum" Blondies

I'm currently in the midst of experiencing a little taste of what it may feel like to be an “empty nester” down the road in the not-to-distant future. With my “bird” — my son — off to encampment for Civil Air Patrol for the next week; it's only my hubs and I and our little dog-daughter, Lola, holding down the fort here, so to speak. Things are quiet when a child is not around; a little too quiet. Now, there's no hungry belly in the middle ... {more please!}

A Cozy Holiday: “Rudolph’s Favorite” vs. “Santa’s Favorite” Christmas Cookies, To Each Their Own

Christmas Cookies

Now, I'm not criticizing, but by the looks of Santa, it seems that he's definitely eaten his share of Christmas cookies over the years. And I'm certainly not one to pick on Santa, of course, but I have the feeling that he's been just a wee bit naughty himself, and hasn't shared as many cookies with his faithful reindeer friends as he could've. Last I saw those precious reindeer—those hard-working, sleigh-pulling, North Pole-weather-enduring lil' fellas—they frankly looked a touch peeked to me, a little on the ... {more please!}

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