A Cozy Thanksgiving: Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade, For This Thanksgiving That Rolled Right In

Roasted Turkey Roulade

This year, Thanksgiving has snuck up on me; and what’s so weird is that I’ve actually been anticipating it for months now, as autumn is my absolute favorite season and T-Day probably my favorite holiday.

I mean, I’ve been fantasizing about it since, I don’t know, July? So what the heck happened?

Well, here’s the thing: if you’re a non-food blogging-type (in other words, a normal person), then it’s fairly safe to assume that your focus is probably on the T-Day meal as a totality for that specific day, so you know that you’ve still got a little time to cinch everything together for yourself; but for us food-blogger types, we begin planning what recipes we’ll be posting to share so that they’re available well in advance, and so that you, the reader, have ample time to get your recipe ideas to plan that special family meal.

Roasted Turkey Roulade

So long story short, I must have been in a trance the first half of November (can I blame it on alien abduction?) because when I realized the start date of our Thanksgiving series would leave me only two weeks prior to Thanksgiving day to share, oh…about 7 recipes I originally had planned(!!), I slightly panicked.

Somehow, I got it in my head that I’d have three weeks to share—go figure. I turned to my husband and said, “We’ll only have two weeks to post all of these recipes!? How did it happen that we’re not starting with this series until the 17th?!” At which point he calmly turned to me and offered, “Yeah, I thought it was interesting that you said you had 6 or 7 recipes you wanted to share in this amount of time…”—that’s my hubs, he was “with the program”, while I, apparently, wasn’t.

Anyway, a couple of cuts had to be made to the recipe list in-turn, and now those recipes have a home on the upcoming “Cozy Christmas” series list, so all wasn’t lost as they’ll see the light of day, yet. But geesh, what a way to start this series, right? Hello…!?

Well, I’m here and well-organized now, and I’m thrilled to be bringing you a good handful of Thanksgiving recipes in the upcoming posts that’ll be both originals and classics with a twist. You ready?

Roasted Turkey Roulade

For most of us, much of the Thanksgiving Day feast centers around the turkey, with all the rest of the offerings there to deliciously and uniquely support it.

And that’s definitely not to say that all of the various sides aren’t completely and delectable as important—they are! They’re utterly awesome! They’re what give savory and sweet variety to the feast.

But the turkey is what is typically at the center of the table, the star at the center of the Thanksgiving universe, so to speak.

And though a whole, golden-brown roasted turkey is truly something to behold, depending on the size of your get-together (or depending on if more folks prefer the white meat to the dark), you may be looking for something just a little different to be a part of your beautiful spread.

And I’ve got just the recipe for it!

Roasted Turkey Roulade

A crispy-skinned, juicy, herbaceous and sweet cider-glazed roasted turkey breast roulade with a cranberry, hazelnut and sage stuffing—one festive offering!

Butterflied and generously filled, then rolled up and roasted until golden, this easy-to-slice-and-serve turkey “main dish” is both a classic and an original. You can even make it little extra decadent and drizzle it with some simple savory herb gravy, as well.

Roasted Turkey Roulade

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for (and craving!) a cozy and delicious Thanksgiving holiday feast.

And though time seemed to have gotten away from me in the beginning here, I’m back on track and anticipating having some fun whipping up some comforting staples to share here with you, as well as at my own table.

So here’s to getting ready to enjoy some scrumptious food, and I truly hope that you have fun planning your feast over the next couple of weeks. Gobble, gobble!

Taste what’s good and pass it on.


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  • DC November 29, 2013, 7:11 am

    This was very good. I’ll admit that I was a bit wary of the whole trussing issue, but I surprised myself, getting the hang of it fairly quickly. The stuffing was perfect, the flavors both festive and well balanced, and the presentation pretty impressive. I’ll be making this again for sure!

    • The Cozy Apron November 29, 2013, 11:21 am

      Hi DC, thank you so very much for sharing your experience with the recipe! I’m thrilled that it turned out well for you, and that the presentation and flavor were enjoyed!

  • plasterers bristol March 10, 2015, 9:28 am

    Sounds lovely. Thanks for posting up this recipe.


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