Rich and Chocolatey Irish Cream Coffee Cupcakes, and Celebrating the Cozy Apron’s Second Birthday

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

Two years can go by in an blinding flash. When my husband and I embarked upon this “labor of love” that is The Cozy Apron, we had zero expectations; after all, we had no clue as to what it meant to have blog, and how having one can truly change your life when you fall head over heals in love with the process of producing content for it week after week.

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

When we began, all we really hoped to do was share a few recipes here and there with any one looking for some inspiration in that department, and do it in a creative way that would be uplifting and encouraging, and perhaps leave folks in a better state than when they landed on our pages. (We were thrilled at the idea of having even 20 people come to visit our site on a daily basis!)

We had no idea how we’d fall utterly in love with the process, fall utterly in love with our precious readers who so very often offer us their beautiful and encouraging thoughts and kind words via little emails and comments. I like to think of those as little “I Love You” notes for the blog, akin to ones that my husband and I leave each other every now and then in sticky-note form.

We had no inkling just how much our hearts would grow in the desire to connect to others out there, and just how much I would become inspired to become more vulnerable, opening up about who I am and the thoughts about life that I have, in hopes that you would reach back to me and offer me a glimpse of who you are.

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

You, my dear reader, are the entire reason why my husband and I have such a passion to create our content here. You are the reason that keeps our creative juices flowing, and keeps us searching our hearts for new ways to touch and comfort you in the hopes that perhaps this will spark some new desires in you, as well. And for all of that, I would like to extend a genuine and whole-hearted “thank you”. My words cannot begin to describe the overwhelming gratitude that we feel for you providing us with a space—a “vessel”, so to speak—to fill with those very things that overflow from our own hearts, that seek a place to dwell.

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

I have a feeling this will be an interesting year. I feel the waters stirring in me, feel emotions and desires churning. Each day I find my desire to connect and encourage growing stronger and stronger, and my longing to “feed” people, not only with good food and recipes but with words and thoughts that nourish and nurture, growing evermore outwardly.

This is a year in which I hope we’ll find the courage to ask questions, and share those questions with others; to look inside and ask, “What motivates me?”; and to find that better—higher—part of our self, the part that is closer to God and where we originated from, and begin to function more freely and expressively from that very part.

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

For me, I can’t imagine anything more interesting than discovering new things about myself and about you, and how our “pieces” fit together in this grand puzzle called “life”. Just think: without you, and without me, the puzzle is incomplete.

So in order to celebrate this special little occasion of our blog officially turning “2”, it’s time to bring out some decadent and delicious cupcakes. For our first anniversary, we celebrated with these puffy little chocolatey ditties; and so to keep on a similarly chocolatey track, as chocolate and coffee are probably my two most favorite flavors, and since I like the idea of occasionally sipping on a creamy and fragrantly-sweet liqueur like Irish Cream, I thought I’d put all of these together into one, rich little “Irish Cream & Coffee” Cupcake for us to share and enjoy.

Irish Cream & Coffee Cupcakes

Here’s to The Cozy Apron going into it’s third year; and here’s to each of us growing upward and continuously moving forward into a better way of being, a more caring and empathetic way of operating. And here’s to us having the courage to share our stories with one another, and having the courage to be touched and moved into caring more for one another.

Thank you so much for celebrating so many good things with us!

Taste what’s good and pass it on.


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  • Shikha @ Shikha la mode January 28, 2014, 3:12 pm

    You and your husband sound delightful – I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings! I love these cupcakes, especially those gold liners!

  • dina January 28, 2014, 4:17 pm

    they look delish!

  • Liz January 29, 2014, 10:32 am

    Congratulations and thank you for the beautiful recipes. Have a Happy Day!

    • The Cozy Apron February 9, 2014, 8:43 pm

      Liz, I always appreciate your sweet comments. Thanks so much for your continued readership! :-)

  • Lynda January 29, 2014, 1:30 pm

    Your beautiful and talented passion is our blessing! Absolutely awesome blog! Thank you for the gift of your heart and soul. Both you and the photographer; Happy Anniversary!
    Awesome recipe’s ideas which were passed around the office!

  • Tim February 12, 2014, 8:44 am

    I made this as a cake vs. cupcakes. It made two very tall 9″ rounds that I cut and made a four layer cake. Very moist and the frosting “was” awesome. The cake stayed moist for a week. Definitely a keeper to bake again. Really enjoy your writings and recipes.

    • The Cozy Apron February 12, 2014, 3:18 pm

      Hi Tim! You don’t know how stoked I am that someone gave these a try—I was so hoping that I’d hear back from a daring soul that decided to bake something from scratch (especially when “boxed” is so much more convenient); and on top of it all, I’m hearing back from a guy! :-) Love it. Yes, we had lots of these leftover, and I was super impressed on how moist they remained—easy to freeze, too. The cake idea is perfect; I actually wrestled with the idea of whether to make cake or cupcakes, but since I hadn’t yet don’t cupcakes here on the site, I went with those. So glad you enjoyed, and thank you so much for your kind words, as well.

  • Clare March 16, 2014, 11:59 am

    Made these this weekend. Big hit! I got so many compliments on them and I shared this recipe with my friends. With this recipe I was able to make 41 cupcakes! Love these cupcakes :)

    • The Cozy Apron March 16, 2014, 4:41 pm

      Hi Clare! I’m smiling as I write this, because my cupcakes must have been a bit on the gi-normous side if you got 41 and I got roughly 26! 😉 I’m so glad you liked these, and that the other folks that had the opportunity to sample them also enjoyed them! Thanks so much for taking a moment to share your experience, and for passing the recipe along to others!

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