Saucy Peanut Chicken With Veggies Over Brown Rice Noodles, Deliciously Tangled Up

Peanut Chicken Over Brown Rice Noodles

The thought of being “all tangled up” in something is an awfully appealing and comforting one to me. “Tangled up” in my husbands love, experiencing his hugs and his kisses, is a joy; “tangled up” in a warm, soft, fleecy blanket after it’s just been freshly pulled out of a hot dryer, is sheer coziness; “tangled up” in a meaningful hug with my son just because we both love each other, is a blessing; and “tangled up” in all the big questions of life such as “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, and “What is the meaning of life?”, is soulfully stimulating.

Peanut Chicken Over Brown Rice Noodles

Being “tangled up” in all that life offers, whether physically or spiritually, is a wonderful way to be; it’s a way that feels active, involved, alive, and like good work. It’s meaningful and full of wonderment. It’s a sort of struggle of the good kind.

Being coated in all of the delectable “sauciness” that life brings to us is a thrilling way to live in each moment, and brings such flavor and excitement to the plate, which makes navigating through those tender and squishy noodles of daily existence so much more fun.

Peanut Chicken Over Brown Rice Noodles

I love “noodle-y” food, and noodles with an Asian flair are some of my favorite kinds. I’m particularly fond of the warm, rich and sweetly-nutty flavor of peanuts, and find such pleasure and coziness in combining the two to create a delicious little meal to get lost and “tangled” in.

Saucy Peanut Chicken tossed with a couple of crisp vegetables like baby bok choy and sweet, red bell pepper twirled together with perfectly to-the-tooth (and gluten free!) brown rice noodles makes for a perfect meal to get “tangled up” in to experience a few moments of having a happy mouth and a warmed belly. One of the best tasting types of “tangles” there are.

Peanut Chicken Over Brown Rice Noodles

Peanut Chicken Over Brown Rice Noodles

Peanut Chicken Over Brown Rice Noodles

So when life (or your loved one) offers you up a big bowl of Saucy Peanut Chicken with Veggies over Brown Rice Noodles, dive in face first.

Get excited about becoming “all tangled up” in the taste of the experience, and savor each and every unique and satisfyingly chewy bite.

Because the more we allow ourselves to get “tangled up” in all the little bits and morsels that life brings our way, the more fulfilled we’ll become, prompting our appetite for participation and engagement with all that surrounds us to deepen and grow.

Taste what’s good and pass it on.


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