Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Doughnuts, And If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again, And Again…

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

I love doughnuts—the real-deal, fried kind.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of “baked” doughnut recipes appearing all over the web-o-sphere, and certainly those have their place; it’s just not on my plate when my tastebuds are craving that specific flavor that only the good ol’ regular fried doughnuts can offer. And my tastebuds have been craving that, let me tell you.

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

The other day I was tempted to drive over to our local Yum-Yum’s doughnut shop and pick out a bunch of moist, cakey treats, but then I had this clever idea: “Why don’t I make some at home, and share ’em on the blog for others to enjoy? How hard can it be?”

Famous last words.

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

And so my adventure with making homemade doughnuts began.

In order to paint as accurate a picture as I can for you, you need to understand that I have zero experience making doughnuts from scratch in my own kitchen, a.k.a. my “lab”. The one time I prepared from-scratch doughnuts was back in culinary school over 11 years ago during “Baking, Pt. One”, and that was an utter blur, as everything was being timed and graded.

But being someone that likes a challenge—especially a challenge of the culinary kind—I figured I’d use my doughnut craving to learn (and hopefully master at the end of it all) something new. So on-line I went, and scoured dozens and dozens of basic doughnut recipes, and watched videos of various folks preparing them. I wrote out a good “starting” recipe for myself, gathered up my ingredients, and had a go at my first batch.

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

Now, in full disclosure, I really didn’t know quite what I was looking for in terms of the flavor/texture of the dough, so I went in rather blindly. And let me tell you, the finished product for that first batch sure tasted like it.

The doughnuts sort-of puffed up when I dropped them into hot oil, but I ended up frying them for too long and they got too “crusty” on the outside, and not cakey and moist enough on the inside. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the flavor of these, as I was attempting to do a chocolatey/coffee type of thing, but it just wasn’t quite strong enough, or interesting enough.

Actually, it was rather “blah”, to put it poetically.

So on to round two.

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

I figured I’d try to boost the chocolate this time by adding cocoa powder, and thought that perhaps “tightening up” the dough a bit more would be better so that it would be easier to handle and fry. And so this second attempt? Worse than the first!

Once again I burned the outside (these doughnuts were already chocolatey colored to begin with and almost impossible to tell if they were “done”), and this time, to my dismay, they were even more hockey puck-like than the first batch! (Yeah, great idea “tightening up” that dough.)

So sadly, straight into the trash they went.

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

I felt dejected and quite defeated by these darned doughnuts, but I still hadn’t gotten my doughnut “fix” handled. Plus, I’m stubborn, too. I’ll be the first one to tell you I get obsessive over developing a recipe. So back to the drawing (or should I say dough) board, back to studying up on consistency, technique, and all the rest. I was determined.

I promised myself that if this third attempt didn’t pass muster, I’d just give in and go the “baked” variety route where I wouldn’t have to worry about the frying process and that “burned” flavor. Going into it for a third time, I told myself not to fear “soft” or “sticky” dough (it needed to be like that if these cake doughnuts were to be moist and soft-textured, like shop-bought), and to go with a totally new and really tasty flavor idea. I also needed to approach this batch with utter patience and time, plus real, genuine love and intention.

Vanilla Chai Latte Doughnuts

And so I did. And can I tell you? These turned out to be some of the best doughnuts my husband and I have ever had. Moist, light and perfectly cakey.

This time around, the dough was soft and supple, and they puffed beautifully in their hot oil “bath”, only taking about 1 minute per side. I finally had a winner! And I can’t tell you how relieved I was.

So at the end of all of this, I’m very glad that I’m not having to report to you that I was ultimately bested by a doughnut, the very thing that I adore so much. But I sure came close.

And you yourself won’t be bested by a doughnut recipe either, if you give this one a spin. These have all of that doughnut-y flavor, and taste like they’re from a gourmet bake shop made with high-quality ingredients. Black tea-infused and loaded with real vanilla, sweet aromatic spices and drenched in a rich, creamy vanilla glaze, these are the perfect breakfast or afternoon treat to have for a little escape with an accompanying fragrant Chai Latte or even a good, strong, traditional cup of joe.

I felt compelled to share this silly little experience with you so that you’d know that I go through stuff like this often, especially with baking/pastries. Not many things are stellar on the first, or even second, try. But with fingers crossed and some divine luck, perhaps the third try will indeed be the charm.

Taste what’s good and pass it on.


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