Strawberry Lemon Cream Tartlets, and Existing in That Delicious Tension between Sweet and Sour

Strawberry Lemon Cream Tartlets |

Finding truth in the paradoxes in life can be an awakening experience for the spirit, just as experiencing both the sweet and the sour in these strawberry lemon cream tartlets can be invigorating for the tastebuds. We, human beings, seem to be most comfortable mingling with those things that are clearly defined and fit neatly into a very specific category or a beautifully wrapped box. We tend to be that way when it comes to our politics, our religion, and our social beliefs, and feel most ... {more please!}

Grilled Steak Kebabs, with a Little Something Extra Drizzled on Top

Grilled Steak Kebabs |

When we take a chance and share what is there on the inside of us with others, we often find that our connection to one another grows stronger, and that's the wonderful bonus—kind of like a vibrant and zingy chimichurri sauce to drizzle over top of grilled steak kebabs, makes things that much more delicious. Sharing something personal and “from the inside” with someone else is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Divulging personal thoughts, feelings, viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences can be a ... {more please!}

Mozzarella Garlic Toast with Fresh Tomato, and Listening to the Breeze as It Whispers

Mozzarella Garlic Toast with Fresh Tomato |

The sound of our soul is typically quiet and soft; but if we listen intently, it will guide us to nurture ourselves spiritually, for our inner health, and even physically, in the way of healthy and nourishing food such as this mozzarella garlic toast with fresh tomato. That still small voice is a magnificent little thing that we've all been blessed with that is there to help guide and direct us on our path during this physical existence. It is quiet yet confident, and requires us ... {more please!}

Hawaiian Coconut Chicken, and Finding Family in Unexpected Places

Hawaiian Coconut Chicken |

We often find the unexpected flavors of both sweet and savory in foods such as Hawaiian Coconut Chicken, and it pleasantly surprises us. And it's equally as pleasantly surprising to find family and connection in places where we never considered we would, as well. For those of you who follow our blog, you most likely know that the big “story”, the big change in our lives, is our young son, our only child, leaving the nest to go to boot camp (3 months!) to become a ... {more please!}

Pizza Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, and the Fun in Doing Things a Bit Different

Pizza Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms |

Sure, many of us have enjoyed mushrooms as a delicious topping on our pizza; but how about stuffing some mushrooms with pizza instead, with these Pizza Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms? I'm one of those people who really enjoys the little eccentricities in life, and those things that are presented in a slightly different way. I love peoples's quirks; I love sort of strange art, contemplative photography, and unconventional movies; I love music that has a bit of an edge, and slightly bitter and strong drinks; and I ... {more please!}

Southwest Stuffed Chicken Breast, and Getting Re-Acquainted with All That Is Inside

Southwest Stuffed Chicken Breast |

All of the delicious little morsels that are found within a Southwest Stuffed Chicken Breast are a bit like all of the beautiful things within ourselves that we must rediscover when we go through colorful changes in life. These days, there's a sort of deafening silence that greets me when I arrive home from my day at work, or from my time running those simple household errands. It's a very specific type of silence, a silence that any mother who has raised her child up until ... {more please!}

Beef Street Tacos, and Packing as Much Flavor as Possible into a Few Small Bites

Beef Street Tacos |

There's truly a lot more flavor to be found in those little moments in life along the way to the bigger ones than we may realize; it's the amazing flavor that's packed into each bite of these little Beef Street Tacos that may just remind us of that. For me, a birthday has this amazing way of urging me to meditate on my life, and to examine how I've evolved during the year that's passed. And you know what I've been contemplating lately? The idea of ... {more please!}

Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes, and Celebrating the Precious Moments between Us

Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes |

Finding joy and gratitude in the precious moments that we do have together is the best way to make a time of change feel a bit less like a loss; so why not enjoy these Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes while celebrating what we mean to one another? I find it sort of interesting that I'm choosing to do a recipe post for Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes at this particular moment in life, since I'm not necessarily in the most specifically celebratory of moods, I suppose you could say. ... {more please!}

Puff Pastry Spinach Cheese Bites, Something to Nibble on When Connecting with Friends

Puff Pastry Spinach Cheese Bites |

There's nothing quite as delicious and fulfilling as the combination of good friends and good food, so why not come together to connect and share over these savory puff pastry bites? With my hubby and I about to become empty-nesters, we've vowed to ourselves to take advantage of that extra bit of time that we may be finding ourselves with soon, and enjoy more socializing and intimate gatherings with friends and the people that we hold dear. The truth is, it isn't just teenagers that need ... {more please!}

Rainbow Fruit Salad, as Sweet and Delicious as Summer Itself

Rainbow Fruit Salad |

There's nothing quite like indulging in fresh fruit in the summer time, and this gussied up Rainbow Fruit Salad with Citrus-Honey Dressing and Fresh Mint is a colorful and delicious way to enjoy it! Reaching for a fresh, juicy, vibrantly colorful and wonderfully flavorful piece of fresh fruit in the summer time is about as natural for me as drinking a tall glass of water when I'm thirsty. Gorgeous fruit, with all of its amazing colors, various textures and distinctly nuanced flavors is abundantly available to ... {more please!}

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