Seasoned Oven Fries with Chipotle Ketchup, a Kind of Comfort Food for a Misfit Day

Seasoned Oven Fries |

The days that don't go exactly as one had hoped or planned can be the best days for putting things into perspective and taking a deep breath; they can also be the days when some comfort food is craved, which is when these tasty seasoned oven fries with smoky chipotle ketchup come to the rescue. Today is a comfort-food kind of day. It's a crispy spiced oven fries-dipped-in-an-amazingly-rich-tangy-sweet-spicy-and-smoky-chipotle-ketchup kind of day, to be a little more specific. It's the type of day where you sorta need ... {more please!}

Chicken Tortilla Casserole, the Tasty Result of a Little Creative Collaboration

Chicken Tortilla Casserole |

Good, creative collaboration is a wonderfully inspired thing; it brings two people together, often yielding some delicious results, like a cheesy chicken tortilla casserole, if you're lucky. First things first, I must confess to you that I cannot take full credit for coming up with this zippy and delectable little comforting recipe, and must give some credit where credit it due: my hubs. Thanks, Hubs! Typically when I recipe develop, I get an idea that sounds like something that I (or we) would really enjoy partaking ... {more please!}

Baba Ganoush, and Not Cutting an Experience Short

Baba Ganoush |

Just as a savory Baba Ganoush needs all of its components and steps in order to make it a completed and delicious recipe to tuck into, so is it important to navigate and see-through even the challenging and less-desirable experiences in life, because so often, they provide us the flavor and the tempering we so desperately need for a complete and whole life. Don't you find that the natural impulse for the human being tends to be to want to get out of, or get over ... {more please!}

Zesty Mexican Chicken Stew with Sweet Hominy, and Getting a Little Pep Back into Our Step

Zesty Mexican Chicken Stew |

Just as a zesty Mexican chicken stew with sweet hominy has that definite zip and boldness that awakens our tastebuds, so can the spring season bring a bit more vibrancy and light to our spirits if we heed its invitation to explore what it has to offer and be refreshed by it. There's nothing quite like coming out of a rather quiet and dormant season where every living thing seems to have been resting and regrouping, and gliding into a fresh season where everything awakens and ... {more please!}

Spicy Guacamole Chicken Burger, and a Heart’s Desire for Something Even Greater

Spicy Guacamole Chicken Burger |

The bold flavors of a spicy guacamole chicken burger can provide the palette with much needed flavor and zest to keep things interesting and fresh; and so it is with our heart, which reminds us of the deeper desires within us, and urges to keep moving, and to keep looking for that greater, richer experience. Lately, my heart has been craving more. It's been aching with a desire for a long time now, truth be told, to experience levels beyond what it's been experiencing, and to ... {more please!}

Teriyaki Salmon Noodle Bowls, and Extending Another the Freedom to Fly

Teriyaki Salmon Noodle Bowls |

The twirly and twisty noodles of a teriyaki salmon noodle bowl remind me of the complex feelings one feels when releasing a loved one into the world to fly on their own. I suddenly got a bit of a nervous stomach and felt that sweet-sorrow type of flutter in my heart, that quickening pulse, when I heard the flick of the light switch as it was turned off in our son's room. As his quick-paced and full-of-intention footsteps came down the hall and approached the living ... {more please!}

Macaroni Salad with Spring Vegetables, and the Hope That Springs Eternal

Macaroni Salad with Spring Vegetables |

A colorful, healthy and delicious macaroni salad with spring vegetables and creamy lemon-basil dressing is the perfect little offering for the season when fresh is what is craved; it is also the perfect picture of the bright and lovely hope that the spring season provides us with, hope in renewal and rebirth, and beginning anew. Each year, when spring makes its lovely entrance, I seem to fall more and more in love with it. Because I live in a part of the country where the climate ... {more please!}

Asparagus with a Zesty Dijon Sauce, and Welcoming the Arrival of Spring

Asparagus with a Zesty Dijon Sauce |

As we bid adieu to the winter season and make way for the sweet spring to come in, partaking in a delicious vegetable side dish such as Asparagus with a Zesty Dijon Sauce seems like the perfect way to enjoy the best of what has been and what is yet to come. Ah, the first day of spring! Here we are, once again, basking in the amazing scent of floral blooms in the air as they fill the evenings with purple-scented sweetness. Late December allowed us ... {more please!}

Italian Meatball Sandwich, and Learning to Quiet the Chatter

Italian Meatball Sandwich |

With all the “buzz” that life provides us with, preparing and enjoying a delicious meal like this Italian Meatball Sandwich is a good way to quiet the mind and simply focus on what is front of us; it is an opportunity to be present, and to listen to a deeper part of one's self. There never seems to be a shortage of things that vie for our attention and create the constant “background noise” that can become the soundtrack to our daily lives. Whether it's money ... {more please!}

Mini Mexican Pizza, and Relishing Life’s Light and Crispy Moments

Mini Mexican Pizza |

The light and crispy qualities of a Mini Mexican Pizza bring a lot of fun and whimsy to a meal, and a lot of pleasure to the one partaking; and those are just the qualities that can open us up and inspire us a little in our everyday lives when our spirit needs some uplift, too. I so adore and appreciate those wonderful little unexpected moments in life that bring that touch of joy, inspiration, warmth, or inner peace at exactly the moment that they're most ... {more please!}

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