Seasoned Oven Fries with Chipotle Ketchup, a Kind of Comfort Food for a Misfit Day

Seasoned Oven Fries |

The days that don't go exactly as one had hoped or planned can be the best days for putting things into perspective and taking a deep breath; they can also be the days when some comfort food is craved, which is when these tasty seasoned oven fries with smoky chipotle ketchup come to the rescue. Today is a comfort-food kind of day. It's a crispy spiced oven fries-dipped-in-an-amazingly-rich-tangy-sweet-spicy-and-smoky-chipotle-ketchup kind of day, to be a little more specific. It's the type of day where you sorta need ... {more please!}

Baba Ganoush, and Not Cutting an Experience Short

Baba Ganoush |

Just as a savory Baba Ganoush needs all of its components and steps in order to make it a completed and delicious recipe to tuck into, so is it important to navigate and see-through even the challenging and less-desirable experiences in life, because so often, they provide us the flavor and the tempering we so desperately need for a complete and whole life. Don't you find that the natural impulse for the human being tends to be to want to get out of, or get over ... {more please!}

Thai Chicken Salad Wonton Cups, and Taking Those Last Little Bites out of Summer

Thai Chicken Salad Wonton Cups |

As the summer season quickly comes to a close, taking a couple of bites out of the remaining days of it with these Thai Chicken Salad Wonton Cups is a cool and light way to go. To tell you that I am completely “over” the heat of the long, summer season would be an understatement. Though it is not yet officially fall for a few more days, my eyes are already eagerly and hungrily searching out the evening skies for evidence of the pinkish-purple, orange, and ... {more please!}

Mozzarella Garlic Toast with Fresh Tomato, and Listening to the Breeze as It Whispers

Mozzarella Garlic Toast with Fresh Tomato |

The sound of our soul is typically quiet and soft; but if we listen intently, it will guide us to nurture ourselves spiritually, for our inner health, and even physically, in the way of healthy and nourishing food such as this mozzarella garlic toast with fresh tomato. That still small voice is a magnificent little thing that we've all been blessed with that is there to help guide and direct us on our path during this physical existence. It is quiet yet confident, and requires us ... {more please!}

Puff Pastry Spinach Cheese Bites, Something to Nibble on When Connecting with Friends

Puff Pastry Spinach Cheese Bites |

There's nothing quite as delicious and fulfilling as the combination of good friends and good food, so why not come together to connect and share over these savory puff pastry bites? With my hubby and I about to become empty-nesters, we've vowed to ourselves to take advantage of that extra bit of time that we may be finding ourselves with soon, and enjoy more socializing and intimate gatherings with friends and the people that we hold dear. The truth is, it isn't just teenagers that need ... {more please!}

Parmesan Asparagus Spears, and Allowing All the Good Stuff to Adhere Instead

Parmesan Asparagus Spears |

Allowing the positive stuff in life to stick to us rather than negative makes things more delicious, kinda like the crispy and delectable coating that adheres to these scrumptious little Parmesan Asparagus Spears! Living in a big city like Los Angeles, with its crowded streets and its a-bit-too-close-for-comfort living style (aka, tiny properties and beaucoup apartments), it's all too easy to be frequently subjected to the not-so-brilliantly-sparkly-and-beautiful aspects of humanity. Know what I mean? There never seems to be a shortage of rude behavior, thoughtlessness, apathy, ... {more please!}

Garlic Mushroom Toast, and the Deep, Earthy Flavor of Life

Garlic Mushroom Toast |

Being able to taste and experience different sides of life, even those that are of a more earthy or gritty nature, gives our existence a more well-rounded flavor. And when it comes to food, nothing says “earthy” better than savory Garlic Mushroom Toast topped generously with Herbed Ricotta Spread. Life comes at us quick. Childhood goes by in the blink of an eye, and we are thrust into young adulthood, and then just plain-old adulthood, where we will remain for the rest of our lives, and ... {more please!}

Grilled Lemon Chicken Greek Nachos, and the Zesty Flavors of All of Life’s Layers

Grilled Lemon Chicken Greek Nachos |

Vibrant, beautiful, refreshing spring; it's our Creator's amazing gift of an opportunity to begin afresh, and to add another potentially wonderful layer of experience to our ever-evolving lives. There is a vast array of all sorts of life sprouting up all around us, an abundance of living happening right before our eyes. If we open up our hearts and our souls, we may just get beautifully pulled right into that realm's extraordinary and powerful vortex, get spun around in its glorious light just a little. Spring ... {more please!}

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dip, and Getting the Flavor Out of Life that You Put Into It

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dip |

Life is a lot like food, isn't it? It is open and ready—eager—to soak up all of the wonderful, amazing flavors that you're willing to infuse it with. And it's been created to do just that. When sweet, roasted red peppers, earthy olive oil, garlic, lemon, and a touch of savory and salty feta cheese are blended generously into a cool, smooth and creamy hummus dip, they infuse it with some vibrancy and a touch of smokiness, which makes for an experience that awakens the palette ... {more please!}

Tortilla Crunch Chicken Strips, and Taking a Big, Crunchy Bite Out of Life

Tortilla Crunch Chicken Strips |

Sometimes, what life throws our way can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming, can't it? The things that we say and do to one another can be shocking. The surprises that get sprung on us that are not of the most celebratory variety; the relationships that end; the “hemorrhaging” of money that we didn't expect; the loss of a loved one we didn't see coming; the sickness that we had no idea was in there, hiding... You get my point. And you could probably add to ... {more please!}

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