Summer Tomato-Basil Soup, a Can-Do Meal That’s Simply Delectable

Summer Tomato-Basil Soup |

As much as I absolutely adore utilizing fresh produce plucked directly from the vine in my meal preparations, I cannot tell you how much I also appreciate having nutritious and delicious short-cuts at my fingertips when it comes to preparing a home-made, love-filled meal that will satisfy not only my belly, but my loved one's bellies at the end of a long, busy day, whenever I possibly can. Preparing from-scratch meals that have simple and vibrant ingredients is a wonderful way to share me (my love) ... {more please!}

White Chicken Chili, and How Staying Present Can Potentially Create a More Peaceful Now

White Chicken Chili, and How Staying Present Can Potentially Create a More Peaceful Now Thumbnail

We so often live in either our memories of the past, or in fantasies about the future, without even realizing it. But when we cook, when we prepare a dish such as this delicious, from-scratch White Chicken Chili with white beans, tender chicken, fresh, ripe avocados and vibrant green limes, being present in the process is a necessity—the food requires it. No matter how I slice it, the freeways of southern California are no joyride; and pretty much each and every time I attempt to merge ... {more please!}

Zesty Chicken & Rice Soup, and Finding Pleasure and Gratitude at the Bottom of an Empty Bowl

Zesty Chicken and Rice Soup |

Have you ever noticed the amazing things you can find at the bottom of a simple, unassuming little bowl of soup? If you've ever sat down to a gloriously steaming, fragrant, brothy, and soothing bowl of liquid-y elixir when you're hungry and hoping to be comforted and made cozy, and then taken pleasure in every little sip off the spoon as it slowly goes down ever-so easily and warms from within, then you most likely know what I speak of. In those precious, golden moments when ... {more please!}

Hearty Split Pea & Smoky Bacon Soup, for When Something of Substance is Craved

Hearty Split Pea Soup |

The older I get, the more my soul craves and searches for those things of a deeper, more substantive nature that fill me to the brim with life. Those surface spaces and places that satisfied my youthful cravings well enough, those “top layers” of life where emotions and feelings came and went and changed on a whim without much understanding and wisdom to back them up, are not the places where any long-lasting foundation can be forged, nor any life-long dwelling built. But in my youth, ... {more please!}

Cheesy Grilled Chicken Parmesan Soup, and Filling an Empty Bowl with Something that Sustains

Grilled Chicken Parmesan Soup |

In the cold depths of a grey winter, when the snow seems to endlessly fall and the icy chill surrounds mercilessly both day and night, the soul longs for warmth and comfort in the way of hearty and cozy sustenance, and little provides that better than a hot, hearty bowl of home-cooked soup. When one pulls an empty bowl out of a cupboard, and knows exactly with what hot, rich, tangy, cheesy and savory liquid one is about to fill that bowl with, there is a ... {more please!}

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup, and an Opportunity to Experience True Joy in Servitude

Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup |

My husband and I rang in the New Year with a real “Pop!” and “Snap!”, though not in the celebratory way that you might expect. The Sunday before New Year's Eve, my husband decided that it would be as good a time as ever to try to fix the slow drip we had in our bathroom sink, and so we both threw ourselves into the job, he as “plumber” and me as “assistant”. The job itself was a struggle, and before we began, I had my ... {more please!}

Tomato-n-Grilled Cheese Soup, When Two Good Things Unite To Become One Even Better Thing

Tomato-n-Grilled Cheese Soup |

Something very special, very magical, happens when two really good things come together and are combined: they make a new, even better thing. Whenever my husband and I take a few moments to reflect on our blog (and what better time than the New Year!), we can't help but make note of the simple fact that without one of the two of us, there just truly wouldn't be “The Cozy Apron”. And there's an amazingly beautiful and humbling gravity to that realization. You see, without those ... {more please!}

Fall Harvest Pumpkin & Beef Stew, a Bread Bowl’s Best Friend

Fall Harvest Pumpkin and Beef Stew |

There are many things in life that make the best of friends. Certain things partner up in such a way making them better together than they ever could've been apart: a cool evening and a blanket; a good movie and some fresh, hot popcorn; a golden-pink hued sunset and a contemplative walk; a heart filled with love and a warm embrace or a kiss. The things that go together give a little extra definition to life, and create warmth and preciousness; they offer color and a ... {more please!}

Hearty Italian Chicken and Autumn Veggie Soup, and Gratitude for the Simple Pleasures

Hearty Italian Chicken and Autumn Veggie Soup |

It gives me a lot of joy and contentment to find pleasure in something simple. Just before sitting down to write, I decided to spend a few moments sitting in a chair in the back yard in utter silence just listening to the world around me, soaking up the milder rays of the warming sun (and some much needed vitamin D). And just from those few, precious moments that I gave myself for refreshment, my spirit feels calmed and quieted; it feels lifted up. I feel ... {more please!}

Simple Lemony Chicken & Spring Veggie Soup, A Little Sunshine In My Spoon

Simple Lemony Chicken & Spring Veggie Soup

There's a quality to the late spring and early summer sunlight that is different from any other time of year; it's yellower, brighter and seemingly more deliberate, somehow. The sun shines down on us from a high point in the mellow blue sky in this warm season, and for me, takes on an almost “tangy” quality—a lemony and piquant “high note”. Late spring and early summer remind me of one of my favorite pieces of produce that I so often use to liven up so many ... {more please!}

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